Your appointment with Dr. Cooper, an orthopedic surgeon, is an important meeting that can be most effective if you plan ahead. The following information may help you feel more relaxed and comfortable during your visit, as well as prepare for your discussion with Dr. Cooper. 

Prepare For Your Appointment
• Assemble your medical records to bring to your appointment. Examples include records from other physicians, results and copies of X-rays, and any other imaging studies and lab tests

• Bring a written lists of medications, herbs, vitamin supplements and over-the-counter medications you are taking.

• On the list also your include medical history, such as prior treatments for illnesses, injuries or operations, even those not related to your current condition.

• Also list your concerns about your condition (pain, loss of mobility or function, etc.) and any questions you may have.

Dress For Success
Avoid wearing tight or constrictive clothing to your appointment. If possible, wear gym shorts (by themselves, or under your pants or dress) or loose fitting clothing instead. You'll probably be more comfortable, and it will be easier for the doctor to examine you. Of course, examination gowns are available, but why not just dress comfortably - this is one appointment where you won't get style points for wardrobe!

Make Yourself As Comfortable As Possible
If you have been using crutches or an ice pack to make yourself comfortable, bring them along with you. Be sure to tell the doctor about any other measures you have taken, including taking any medications (over the counter or otherwise), elevating your injury, or use of bandages, braces, or supports.


Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Please call our office at (570) 825-5633.